Monday, 4 February 2013

Guest recipe: eggy crumpets and streaky bacon

Muesli Lover is rather excited to inrtoduce this guest post from a breakfast heretic-turned-lover... take it away James Elliott...

I don’t enjoy breakfast. I rarely wake hungry enough or, at the weekends, early enough to either require or enable the faff that breakfast entails. A coffee and a some fruit normally suffices to see me through until lunch. Far from being the most important meal of the day, breakfast comes in a distant fifth for me, lagging behind the twin powers of lunch and dinner and the vastly underrated elevens’ and afternoon snack.

Breakfast has always therefore been an acquaintance, a friend from school, whom I never really liked, whose insistent face peeks into my life on a daily basis rather than an old pal, whose company is the subject of much excitement. That certainly was the case, until the 1st January 2013.

Now, I am not given to making grand statements, other than those I have just made, or to embarking upon NY resolutions that will wither and die like satsumas on a shelf, so the timing of my epiphany on January 1st should be regarded as a coincidence rather than the launch of a new, better, breakfasted me. It’s just that on this cold, crisp day, I re-discovered a fragment of my youth. The crumpet. Hot, spongy, crumpet.

It never ‘burnt my cheeks with shame’ as William Pitt the Younger might say (Blackadder fans...), but as a youngster growing up in the frozen wastelands of The North, crumpets were the fuel upon which many a day’s sledging would be enjoyed. I had missed them. Like I had missed potato bread, soda farls and Michaela Strachan.

If you, dear reader, have also missed them, then here is how to have them gallop back into your life in some style.

Streaky bacon

Simple food for a simple man. Crack four eggs into a bowl and mix together with some S&P and finely chopped chilli. Pour this mixture into a shallow dish and plunge the crumpets face down in the egg.

The inverted egg-boarding should continue for 10-15 minutes (turning them half way through), time which can be well spent cremating the bacon under the grill. Once the bacon is crisp, heat a pan, pop in a splash of oil, or butter if your arteries are not already clogged and pop the now plump and egg soaked crumpets into the pan. Couple of minutes each side will suffice.

Then introduce them to the crispy bacon and enjoy. The kick of chilli provided a welcome change from the Christmas stodge and my Mrs added some chopped tomatoes, because she is quite frankly a genius. Like I said, simple food for a simple man.

I do appreciate that it is effectively eggy bread in crumpet form, but ‘eggy crumpet’ has the air of a disappointing school disco rather than an attractive foodstuff, so the naming rights are still up for grabs.

Try it, you might like it. It also works as a lite-lunch or afternoon snack.....see I told you it wouldn’t last long.

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