Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The acai bowl

Every now and again, a breakfast comes along that really gets ML in a spin. The acai bowl is one such breakfast. The Brazilian fruit, which is now worth more than gold owing to it being granted antioxidant status by food PRs and obliging consumer journalists, is the new blueberry (well it was before mangosteen, pitaya and pomegranate knocked it off its perch).

It has a punchy, tannic kind of taste that some have likened to chocolate Marmite, but ML puts it more towards the blueberry spectrum with a breath of pepper. It tastes wonderful as a frozen pulp, served with fresh fruit, yoghurt and granola.

I first had it in the long-gone Brazilian cafe on Oxford Street, just off Tottenham Court Road, but came across it again in California at an unassuming little cafe in Aptos, the Hole in the Wall, also purveyor of bottomless coffee (a novelty to Brits but standard in the US), French toast, waffle, granola, ham steak and other breakfast delights from across the pond. 

If you're not visiting Aptos soon, or Brazil for that matter, you can get acai online or at your local Brazilian cafe. Given that this is the time when New Year's resolutions start to go awry, acai is a good starting point for getting your detox intentions back on track.

Details:; open Thursday-Tuesday 7am-2pm


  1. I went to HAwaii in the summer and lots of places did acai bowls- the best one was from the Hawaiian tea and coffee company in Honolulu- so refreshing.

  2. Hey! I love acai. I first tried it in Brazil over Christmas and have been on the lookout for it since in the UK. Do you know any good websites where I can find it? That acai bowl looks absolutely scrumptious.

  3. ah no way! I had it every day in the 3 months i was in Rio last year. My sister told me about the oxford st cafe in November.. is it really closed now? I was hoping to stop by next weekend while in town

  4. Hi Nicola, thanks for your comment. I've never bought acai online, and looking at the kind of websites that come up when you search it on google, it looks like cowboy territory. Maybe best to ask one of London's Brazilian restaurants for their supplier. Please do let me know if you find a reliable source. ML

  5. Thanks Maria. Will have to try it if I ever get to Honolulu! ML