Saturday, 25 February 2012

Pretty porridge

Snow's a coming back... time to spoon some steaming hot porridge into your cereal bowl. A swirl of honey and a cuppa. If it ain't broke...

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Smoked salmon and scrambled egg: to cook or not to cook?

We're all agreed on cooking the egg, natch, (though I won't divert now into HOW cooked it is (for the record Muesli Lover likes it glossy, but without too much runny juice and textured  - so not too 'bothered' in the pan).

No, the great debate here is whether to chuck in the strips of smoked salmon for the last few seconds of the egg cooking to give it a gentle eggy poach. It loses colour, gets a smoother, less oily texture and warms up. Alternatively one can serve it cold under or alongside the scramble to get a purer salmon taste and contrasting cold and smooth to the warm and chunky egg.

When I'm cooking this protein-rich, delightful breakkie I find a 50/50 split, but I'm interested in what you readers think. Please vote below to settle this grat breakfast debate...

How to eat smoked salmon and scrambled egg

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Breakfast included: The Gin Trap Inn, Norfolk

The surroundings: The Gin Trap Inn is a former AA Pub of the Year - a gorgeous village inn with thick stone walls, low beamed ceiling, chunky wood tables and loyal locals. There's a hint of hush when a stranger walks in but the reception is friendly and the glances more curious than intimidating.

Buffet: the breakfast spread is simple but ample, and when it comes to pub-with-rooms breakfast the main event is not fruit salad and yoghurt. Nevertheless compote, dried fruit and fresh were on offer alongside cereals, although it's a shame the latter wasn't from an East Anglian producer.

Hot stuff: There was local provenance, however, on the menu. I started with porridge - which always tastes better when someone else makes it and this was no exception. Just sloppy enough and a modest enough portion to leave room for the second course, well third if you count the fruit amuse bouche...

Next came the local bit - Norfolk ham with boiled eggs - perfectly cooked with a dark, glossy yolk and just-firm white. It was well received by my companion, while my brioche French toast dipped in vanilla egg and honey was equally delicious. The toast was spongy, hot and glistened with honey. The fresh fruit element was limited to a meagre raspberry and blackberry but that was my only complaint.

A cracking breakfast before hitting a breezy Hunstanton Beach to blow away the cobwebs.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Ginger & White's breakfast bap

As Mr Muesli Lover I often follow Muesli Lover to brunch and encounter many a new experience. A bit of familiarity is welcome, however, and we are very familiar with Ginger & White in Hampstead (hell, I’m even the Mayor on Foursquare, although arguably that may say more about the number of people using Foursquare than anything else). Serving excellent coffee it is *the* place to go for a brunch in Hampstead (sorry Gail's - their coffee beats yours).

Their menu is straightforward but they often change their bap offering. It used to be smoked mackerel and bacon (which was, for the record, quite wonderful) but when I last went it was slow roast pork shoulder with apple, chilli and fennel.

Served in a good old white bap which leaves flour on your hands the pork was so succulent and tender my mouth started watering just looking at it. With a bit of crackling and apple sauce as well the bap become a bit soggy in the middle and before I knew it involuntary sounds of enjoyment were accompanying the devourment of the bap.

It’s why I like the menu at Ginger & White. Pork is very easy to do badly and certainly very easy to do blandly. However, they executed a simple bap to perfection. Like the mackerel and bacon bap - surely the combination shouldn’t work? It did, in quite perfect balance. They’ve earned my trust this way and that is why in spite of my love for the current pork bap I cannot wait to see what the next iteration is...

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