Monday, 17 December 2012

Recipe: Fridge leftovers veggie scramble

On all too frequent a Sunday morning, Muesli Lover opens the fridge to find an uninspiring gathering of waifs and strays looking back - a wilted broccoli or two, a well-intentioned bag of sweaty spinach and a box of eggs a day or two over their use by... usually this prompts a back-of-the-sofa whip-round and a trip to one of north west London's finest cafes. But every now and again, austerity subsumes greed, and a fridge scramble ensues.

Indeed, with a few eggs, veggies, meat and leftovers, a scramble or frittata is only a few minutes away.

In this case, I had some lovely new potatoes going spare, so boiled them up in salted water and steamed a couple of handfuls of frozen edamame beans over them for a few minutes.These were then transferred to a frying pan of hot rapeseed oil and tossed about until crispy, with chopped dried chilli and some freshly ground pepper added for the last minute or two. The final stage was pouring over four whisked eggs and quickly bothering the mixture about the pan, before a frittata could take shape.

Serve piping hot and add bread/herb garnish/freshly chopped tomatoes, depending on what's at hand. The whole thing took about 15 minutes, and served two smug brunch lovers. The perfect leftovers solution for almost any veggies or meat.

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