Monday, 3 December 2012

Breakfast on the Eurostar

This was served on the 7.30am London to Paris - an overall pleasing plate of yoghurt, juice, bread, pastries and a nod to both countries at the end of the line, with President Butter and Tiptree jam. Given the Gallic connection, the croissant was poor (over-chilled and not flaky enough), but the bread and butter was a winner (shame it didn't come with a bowl of hot chocolate, a la Francais).

The hostess trolley offered a tough choice, a pain au chocolat or an apple - piousness and purgatory, with no half-way house for the fence sitter. The decision was made by the cruddy croissant, and a good thing too - at the other end the Le Flore en L'Ile cafe on the Seine served a proper French pastry, melted ancient hot chocolate and homemade dark chocolate dusted truffles... yes, at 11.30am.

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