Monday, 10 December 2012

Best cafes: Brunswick House Cafe, Vauxhall, London (no longer serves brunch)

South of the river is a rarity for Muesli Lover but this place has been calling for some time. It's rumoured fantastic food, the odd eccentricity on the menu and the fact that the whole, mad, cluttered room of antiques is for sale, were its charms, and it didn't disappoint on any level.

Vauxhall roundabout may not be the most salubrious of locations but if it's good enough for MI5...

Brunswick's changing menu had not a fry-up in sight. Instead one was torn between dishes such as smoked mackerel and fresh pea kedgeree (£10.80) and haddock cake, spinach, mustard sauce and poached egg (£12), both pictured... and devoured. Fish were tasty, fresh and portions were perfect. The roasted tomatoes with aioli on toast (£7) were the prettiest and tastiest dish in my view. Perfect, bright red tomatoes that were tangy and sweet, atop crunchy toast with a devilish garlic mayo.

Finally there was the hangover favourite, Old Spot sausage and has brown muffin, sauce gribiche (£10.80). Another well cooked and presented dish. I should mention too that the coffee was first rate - nutty, rich and served in cute vintage cups... what else?

Details: Monday to Wednesday 8am - 5pm. Thursday and Friday 8am - 11pm. Saturday 10am - 11pm. Sunday 10am - 5pm. Phone number: 020 7720 2926;

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