Sunday, 13 May 2012

Best cafes: Moment, West Hampstead

Right there, right under Muesli Lover's nose, all this time, was yet another West Hampstead brunch supremo, but with a twist... Moment has long been championed by our former neighbours as the best place to head when, owing to the vocal output of a small child, you want coffee while everyone else is still getting their zeds (I'm not sure if I ever said thank you neighbours, for sparing us the alarm call).

We finally made it there this week, and were delighted to find half decent coffee, but more enticingly, world breakfasts - shakshuka, a North African baked eggs dish and an Isreali take on milkshakes (banana and date) and the fry-up (eggs, pitta, cucumber/tomato/olive salad).

The shanshuka, pictured above was served in a shallow dish of pizza proportions and came with toasted fresh pitta and Israeli salad. It was rich, gently spiced and hearty. The other dish pictured is the 'healthy breakfast' option of scrambled eggs (passable), ripe avocado, mozzarella, tomato and toast, a tricolore delight.

Moment, you've had yours, but we will be back... apologies for the tabloid pun.

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