Sunday, 8 April 2012

Breakfast with Patrick in Canterbury

The Goods Shed is one of those discoveries that you rush to tell your friends about. A goregous brute of an industrial building that's been manhandled back to life by what I imagine was an epic sandblasting job and some seriously talented metal and glass workers. What results is a gorgeous former rail depot with vast ceilings, exposed beams, bare brick walls and huge metal framed windows.

Inside is a foodie enclave of bakers, grocers, fruitiers, fishmongers, delicatessans, traiteurs and butchers, plus a couple of restaurants.

The larger of the two, the Goods Shed Restaurant offers a sort of build-your-own option selecting the produce from the storeholders below (with the exception of the baked beans). The other option is Patrick's Kitchen.

Patrick is a traiteur but also runs a three-seater restaurant, or rather bench-and-kitchen-hatch affair. He's an affable chap and talented chef who'll rustle up substantial fry-ups to order, or will make just about anything he can concoct from the ingredients he can lay his hands on (mushrooms, eggs, and salmon were the more obvious breakfast ingredients). But also leave room for his heaven-sent pastry - the shortest, crumbliest, most delightful pastry (sorry, mum), I have tasted. I still dream of it now.

Patrick does tea, but not coffee - the best place to go for that is an amble across town to Willows Secret Kitchen, a Coffee Culture & Excellence recognised cafe that goes to nerdy extremes to serve delightful brews. Between them, Canterbury's finest breakfast.

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