Sunday, 18 March 2012

Crappy breakfast en Paris



London, I'm sorry. It was a crisp sunny day, I had dreams of flaky croissants resting on copies of Le Figaro, a snatched cafe au lait in the shadow of Notre Dame... I was lulled by the romance of breakfast in Paris.

I was wrong, I was blinded by notions of the Gallic "small lunch". It was, how you say, boff.

The pictures above look fanciful but Le Cafe Marly was nothing better than a peachy location (in the courtyard of the Louvre). Best bit? Looking down into one of the gallery's sculpture halls en route to the loo. Worst bit? Paying £15 for an odd-tasting green tea, a diminutive plate of passable pastries and a lovely orange presse.

Next day, a more promising find. An airy cafe near the Bourse with huge communal tables bearing jam pots and papers. I forget the name, for it was not memorable. Cool hot chocolate, so-so bread, overdone scrambled egg not cooked to order, underdone boiled egg and a surly waitress.

Paris, j'adore, but not for breakfast.

If you have a recommendation for breakfast in Paris, please share it will the Muesli Lover using the comment form. Merci.


  1. Bonjour. Sorry to hear about your crap breakfast experience in Paris, but as they say here, "c'est normale". Le Café Marly - like with all other Costes brothers joint – is an overpriced waste of time. And Le Pain Quotidien (where it seems you brunched) for all its natural looks/vibe is a huge Belgian chain.

    Not to toot our own horn too much, but, well, that's why I'm here: The next time you're in Paris on a weekend, feel free to come to Coutume Café, where we take over the kitchen for the weekend brunch service.

    We make our own granola from scratch, create new proper-brunch dishes every weekend, and should you just want eggs we make them to order. (The majority of food you eat in Paris is pre-made en masse, hence why waitstaff get hostile about any changes to what the so-called "chefs" have "created".) On top of that, since we're encamped at one of Paris' few specialty coffeehouses, you'll get great coffee to accompany our awesome f***ing food.

    À bientôt ;)

  2. Thanks for your comment. Great to know there's breakfast hope in the City of Light. That place certainly wasn't branded Pain... and the service/food was a lot worse, but it may have been Pain by stealth I guess. Will definitely come by Coutume next time we're in Paris. Your place sounds awesome. ML