Saturday, 3 March 2012

Best cafes: The Breakfast Club Soho

The Breakfast Club is a bit of an institution in London, so it's an aberration of duty that Muesli Lover has taken so long to visit and review. I spoke to the owner when I wrote an article about brunch for the Times, and have had a couple of breakfast meetings there but the legendary queues have always put me off a weekend visit (though I'm assured they move swiftly and it is well worth the wait).

So I snatched a midweek opportunity to pop by and boy, has Mr Muesli Lover been hassling me to go back ever since.

The menu is one of the most extensive breakfast and brunch offerings in London - part of the yearning to go back is to make inroads into this smorgasbord. We plumped for the US-inspired options of "ham so eggsited" or rather, pancakes with ham, egg, cheddar and maple syrup and a plate of toast with avocado, poached egg and bacon, which had another amusing sobriquet I have forgotten.

Both were superb and served speedily (we were surrounded by the time-is-money crowd with Macs and trendy suits). They were both served as inviting stacks of breakfast goodness, a welcome change from the flat sprawling plates dished up by most greasy spoons. There was no salad garnish as is fashionable in so many breakfast joints, and both were steaming hot. 

Pancakes were fluffy, egg just cooked and bacon crispy. Nothing to complain about really, right down to the lemony/gingery drink, which followed a couple of Slow Boy juices: Apple, carrot, orange and ginger, that were slurped too quickly to photograph. No wonder this place and its three siblings are so legendary.

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