Sunday, 19 February 2012

Smoked salmon and scrambled egg: to cook or not to cook?

We're all agreed on cooking the egg, natch, (though I won't divert now into HOW cooked it is (for the record Muesli Lover likes it glossy, but without too much runny juice and textured  - so not too 'bothered' in the pan).

No, the great debate here is whether to chuck in the strips of smoked salmon for the last few seconds of the egg cooking to give it a gentle eggy poach. It loses colour, gets a smoother, less oily texture and warms up. Alternatively one can serve it cold under or alongside the scramble to get a purer salmon taste and contrasting cold and smooth to the warm and chunky egg.

When I'm cooking this protein-rich, delightful breakkie I find a 50/50 split, but I'm interested in what you readers think. Please vote below to settle this grat breakfast debate...

How to eat smoked salmon and scrambled egg

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