Sunday, 22 January 2012

Mr Muesli Lover brunches in Dubai

Mr Muesli Lover went to Dubai recently and came back having had a very surprising breakfast...

"I was in Dubai for 48 hours visiting my brother and his fiance. They suggested that we go out for a relaxed brunch to a new place that had opened up, Jones. “Brunch” in Dubai is usually associated with copious amounts of food and booze so I was intrigued as to where we would be going.

Non-boozey breakfasts in Dubai had previously been a mixed affair. Either over-the-top hotel affairs or cafes with a Middle Eastern slant that didn’t always get it quite right. We arrived just off the Sheik Zayed Road which was hardly the most auspicious start: the road is one of Dubai’s busiest. The building was also non-descript. A cube-like block of dark glass-could be any Dubai office block. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover...

Walking in one immediately entered a large, spacious room. Light, airy, a touch of metal here but nothing too fancy. Tables were around the outside of the room with the serving area and kitchen in the centre and accessible from all sides. It was pretty cool walking around and seeing everything going on in the kitchen. Shelves were packed high with various food items ranging from Jones’ branded muesli to high-end condiments. There was also a wonderfully smelly fromagerie. I was looking forward to breakfast.

The menu was refined and efficient. Nothing too different on there but all of it looked appealing. I chose the omelette with a side of mushrooms. I was offered the choice of medium or well-done - a first! I chose well-done not being a fan of under-cooked egg. The presentation was restrained with just a couple of sun-dried tomatoes accompanying the omelette which sat on a crunchy, thick slab of sourdough.

Again, appearances can be deceptive as although the dish looked rather simple it was cooked to perfection and tasted quite magnificent. Firm yet not dry at all and with a layer of cheese that ever-so-slowly oozed out. The mushrooms arrived in a terracotta dish and were as good mushrooms should be: juicy and clearly cooked in butter. Absolutely wonderful - amazing how a food item that is not that tasty raw comes alive with some heat and butter.

I left Jones elated and invigorated: it was a really great breakfast and, given I visit Dubai a reasonable amount to see my brother, a viable option for a good breakfast and coffee without the temptation of knocking back 7 glasses of champagne...Not that that is a bad breakfast either!

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