Saturday, 12 November 2011

Gluten-free cereal to sing about

Muesli Lover has dabbled with various food intolerances over the years, and is a sucker for anything free from the much maligned and misunderstood dairy/gluten siblings. Jesting aside, Muesli Lover realises that while the odd bit of tummy ache doesn't constitute a dietary condition, there are people for whom a decent tasting gluten-free breakfast is a God-send.

The one that's come my way recently is even Coeliac UK licenced, so it's the real deal, but more importantly it tastes wonderful. The Nature's Path range, 'Maple Sunrise' for oldies and 'Os' for kids... and big kids, have all sorts of wholesome stuff in, but taste like they're a bit naughty. Already well established in the US, expect to see more from this brand in the UK.

The Maple Sunrise is sweet enough to satisfy the branded cereal fans, but it's a rounded maple sweetness, rather than saccharine. The ingredients list includes corn, flax, quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth, and many of the ingredients are organic. Be warned though, cane juice is ingredient number two in Maple Sunrsie, so for me this remains a treat cereal, rather than an every day bowl, but it's got a satisfying crunch that keeps me going back for more.

The Os are satisfyingly crunchy too and like Cheerios, but tastier. A winner at £2.95 a pop. Check out the website for a range of other tasty alternatives to the cereal monster brands.

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  1. I was looking for Muesli recipes and came across your blog.
    You seem to have tried most things but have you tried raw milk.
    I get mine from from Bath farmer's market on Saturdays. It comes from Dreamers Farm near Bruton in Somerset and is out-of -this-world delicious.
    I suggest you try it. It might also help with your tum. (usual disclaimers)