Sunday, 6 March 2011

Best breakfasts: Made in Camden

The Roundhouse is a venue that I usually visit when it’s packed to the rafters, and finding a seat, let alone getting your paws round a drink, is something of a bun fight. So, visiting on a bright Sunday morning to the delicate tinkling of a soul and indie soundtrack, and being shown to a peachy window table was something of a treat.

The cafe has just been refurbished and features vintage gig posters, over-sized filament lightbulbs and friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Things got even better when a menu appeared. For starters, it is the only breakfast menu I’ve ever seen with the month written on the top (some staples remain but seasonal dishes come and go and the waitress told me some are made up that morning, depending on supplies). Secondly, it was mouth-wateringly tempting.

There’s Middle Eastern, American, Spanish and British influences and choosing just one dish is one hell of a dilemma (I suggest going with a gang of friends so you can share).

After two decadent smoothies of mixed berry and yoghurt, oats, banana and honey, I finally decided on the fried egg, sweet spiced chickpeas, labneh, pangrattato and coriander (£8.50). What arrived was a generously-portioned and colourful dish that invited me to dive in with wedges of toasted sourdough (branded with perfect toasted grill lines). The egg was perfectly cooked with a soft centre and crisped white edges, and the chickpeas had just enough bite and the perfect spice for the first meal of the day. The pangrattato cheese was either absent or too subtle, but I didn’t miss it.

We also ordered the scrambled eggs and toast with grilled chorizo, red onion and feta (£8.50). The egg was pale, but very tasty, and cooked just right with a chorizo halved long ways and a gorgeous-looking spiral of red onion. It was a savoury, spicy and salty feast.

We rounded it off with a shared plate of grilled banana and chocolate bread (£5) which came with a huge dollop of maple butter and another of banana jam. It was warm, not too sweet, and even a little wholesome tasting (less the butter).

Other attractive options include bircher muesli (£4.50), granola and Greek yoghurt (£4.50), American blueberry pancakes (£7) and brioche French toast (£8). I’d happily go back to work my way down the menu... then again, the eggs and chickpeas could become a firm favourite.

Details: Made in Camden,


  1. That looks like an amazing brekkie! The cafe looks like a fab place too.

    Just found your blog, loving the pictures and looking forward to reading more x x

  2. Thanks Tam - it was an awesome breakfast... three courses if you include the 'smoothie course'! If you click the London tag in my word cloud you'll find loads more reviews of great London brunch places... I'm working towards 52 - one for each weekend of the year. Thanks for reading.

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