Thursday, 4 November 2010

A guilt-free breakfast?

I discovered an intriguing brand of snacks while browsing the stalls at the wonderful Gail's Garden Party in Hampstead last month.

It's called Conscious Food, and I was drawn to it by the dairy, wheat, gluten, yeast-free labels, as I'm a bit of a sucker for intolerance foods, and finding ones that taste half-decent.

They've got a whole range of savoury and sweet snacks that are made in Mumbai. Their story is rather heart-warming - they've encouraged a load of Indian farmers to re-establish ancient grains and grow them naturally. The key grain is millet, which Conscious says is non-glutinous and alkaline, which makes it easy to digest, as well as being high in protein and fibre. Quite the little powerhouse.

While they don't immediately strike me as breakfast items, I've been playing around with a few breakfast dishes using the sweeter products and am pleased with the results.

Now, don't be put off by my picture - the things that look like burnt prawns are actually cashew nuggets. The nuts are covered in Indian palm molasses and taste rather like those caramelised nuts you buy off stands near tourist attractions - but they're not half as bad for you.

I sprinkled these on yoghurt (or soya yoghurt if you want it dairy-free), plus sliced banana, sliced dried fig and flax.

The other snack in the picture is finger millet biscuits with cinnamon. These are seriously moreish and give a satisfying crunch to those of us who love chomping through crunchy granola.

If you're the savoury sort, the brown rice dippers and sesame soya sticks from their range taste great dunked in humous for a real protein-boost at breakfast. Just mind how you go - absent-minded snacking will see away the whole packet in one sitting... or perhaps that's just me.


  1. hi muesli lover- I see you are interested in wheat free and gluten free products, have you ever heard of mighty muesli- you should try it-it is nut free as well

  2. Thanks mighty muesli - shall check it out. Can you recommend a central London stockist?

  3. Please visit Partridges in Duke of York square, or Gloucester road, Shepherds fine foods in Primrose Hill, Mortimers in Turnham Green-- do you need anymore?
    please give me some feedback
    or do you comment on other blogs?