Saturday, 5 June 2010

Recipe: buckwheat cinnamon pancakes with cherries

Croissants for breakfast are a treat on day one, a guilty pleasure on day two and a cardinal sin on day three... so I risked falling out with Mdme Baguette at the boulangerie and decided to make pancakes on day three of our long weekend in the Dordogne.

It's been blissful R&R time, even though the weather has been a touch inclement. So, when the clouds came over I nipped inside and made these pancakes as a late breakfast.

I saw this recipe in BBC Good Food magazine and thought it would be perfect for our Dordogne break, where on the edge of the garden is a gnarly old cherry tree. At this time of the year the boughs and their huge bright green leaves are weighed down with fistfuls of shiny cherries in bulbous clumps.

I collected a huge basket of them and ten minutes later was eating warm pancakes with pancakes glistening with sugar crystals and cool Greek yoghurt sweetened with honey.

500g cherries, stoned and halved
5 tbsp golden caster sugar
140g buckwheat flour
85g self-raising flour
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
3 eggs
300ml yoghurt mixed with juice of half a lemon (I used as substitute for 284ml pot of buttermilk)
Few knobs of butter for cooking
Greek yoghurt and honey or maple syrup to serve

Put the cherries in a bowl and stir in one tablespoon of sugar. Set aside.

Mix the remaining 4 teaspoons of sugar in a large bowl with the flours, cinnamon and bicarbonate of soda. Make a well in the centre and crack the three eggs into the well. Whisk together and gradually add the yoghurt/lemon mix or buttermilk until you have a smooth batter.

Melt a knob of butter in a non-stick pan and coat the base. Each pancake is about two or three tablespoons of batter. Spoon into the pan over a medium heat and after a minute or two bubbles will appear on the surface. Flip it over and cook on the other side for less than a minute.

Serve two pancakes with a blob of yoghurt, a generous tablespoon of cherries and a drizzle of honey.

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