Monday, 14 June 2010

Are Belvita biscuits really the future of breakfast?

There's a new breakfast product that's been advertised quite a bit in the female-facing press, and I've been curious to try it for some time.

It's billed as being "designed for breakfast", which sounds rather futuristic, but at the same time, it looks a bit like a rusk, a breakfast I haven't partaken in since my nappy days.

It's called Belvita Breakfast and is made by Kraft foods, so clearly has some marketing and research weight behind it (and a £3 million launch campaign according to one of the company's press releases). It's a wallet-friendly 49 pence for four biscuits, which certainly makes it one of the cheapest breakfasts around.

The company's brands include Vegemite and a host of coffee products, but this is the first stand alone breakfast food... unless you have a penchant for Terry's Chocolate Orange first thing in the morning.

The big sell is on health and wholesomeness - each of the four biscuits is 56 calories and has 1.9g of fat and 2.4g of sugar in a 12.5g biscuit. There's also bumf on there about B vitamins and the fact that four biscuits will keep you satisfied for four hours with a slow release of carbohydrates.

The health bit aside, they actually taste ok - crunchier and more baked to the bit than a digestive and about as sweet. The surface is topped with grains but I would have preferred a more coarse texture throughout to give a more satisfying chew.

As for the four hours bit - maybe if I'd eaten one an hour I would have been fine until lunch, but after a couple of hours I was pining for something flavoursome, non-beige and a little more natural after my biscuit breakfast.

The biscuits are lower in salt and sugar than the many cereal bars that they will be sold alongside, even if they look less appealing, but if this is the future of breakfast, I might just skip it and go straight to lunch...

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  1. These biscuits are my favourite morning food, for me personally the Muesli flavour, is amazing and I do find they keep the huger at bay till lunch.

  2. Good to know. Certainly better than no breakfast but you must have a smaller appetite than ML