Tuesday, 20 April 2010

London's free 'fry-up': for one week only

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but breakfast is a different matter... If you get yourself down to Holborn this week, you can get a fry-up, no strings attached (bar the Facebook group sign up and potential for marketing emails from Tefal for eternity if you forget to opt out, of course).

I popped down to the pop-up today, called the Greaseless Spoon, to check out the so called "healthy" and "low fat" fodder... Tefal wants to show off how it can make 3% fat chips and low sugar jam.

It's offering British classics for free, among them the reinvented fry-up, sans grease.

For starters, some of us want our fried eggs swimming in grease. My Mum tilts her frying pan and spoons fat over her bubbling fried egg to make it that bit more greasy, so I'm not sure she'd be blown away by this cooking revolution.

I'm a little more open to the concept - I'm a Lean Mean Grilling Machine fan... I use one for grilling asparagus, chicken breasts and tuna, but for me, nothing beats bacon and sausages baked in the oven. It's healthy and it doesn't need any clever gadgetry.

The London Review of Breakfasts wasn't impressed by the eggs and the lack of hash browns, but loved the mushrooms, because they were swimming in butter!

Sign up for your free fry-up, and come back to tell me what you thought... just don't compare it to the indulgence of a normal fry-up - yes, it is sugar and fat that makes stuff taste good.

The Greaseless Spoon is at 7-8 Little Turnstile, London WC1 7DX from Monday 19 April to Friday 23 April, 9am – 4pm
Book tickets here: facebook.com/nutritiousanddelicious

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